Invest now in art!
Attractive tax system for works of art buying in France
 Tax deductions for the purchase of works of art: Article 238 Bis AB of CGI

« Enterprises purchasing, unhealthy effective January 1, 2002, original works of living artists …may deduct the result of the exercise of acquisition and the next four years, by equal fractions, an amount equal to the price of acquisition… »

Benefits for the company

  • Improve the company image for customers or vendors visiting it
  • Create for Company associates a smarter and more motivating working environment 
  •  Be advised and coached by a professional  and ensure an effective bridge between work environment and artistic expertise
  • Dynamic and high level sponsorship
  • Flexible solution easy to update


Domaine du Grand Tinel

Domaine du grand tinel

« Merci pour ce magnifique tableau, il a trouvé sa place dans notre caveau, où il pourra être admiré par nos clients, qui, nous le souhaitons, pourront devenir les vôtres… »

Domaine du Grand Tinel CHATEAUNEUF du PAPE / 2012